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Enrichment from Conception to Delivery

Enrich your child at all stages

A mothers’ joy begins when a new life is stirring inside her, when a tiny heart beat is heard for the very first time and a playful kick reminds her she is never alone. She feels on top of the world if she is blessed with a child that will do noble work for the society. But the beauty of the sculpture depends on the vision of the sculptor. The mother needs to imbibe good qualities in the child, to make the transformation even before birth, right in foetal stage. AGS aims at reforming, moulding and educating the unborn child.



What happens in the womb, can last a lifetime. Preparation is the most responsible choice that the couple could make together. The state of health of both the partners at the time of conception is important as it lays the foundation for not only the health of the womb child but also the physical, emotional and spiritual future of the child.



A mother is not only a carrier, but also the creator of someone special. A proper diet, a good life style and meditation done at this stage proves beneficial for both mother and child. Nine months are enough to influence the character of the child.



Responsibility of a mother doesn’t end after giving delivery to a healthy baby. To rebuild strength and cope up with physical and emotional changes the mother needs to pay proper attention to her diet and health. It is the time to enjoy the newest member of the family, and not let adjustments, reduced sleep and exhaustion overwhelm you.


Awaken the divinity within

The essence of the programme is to promote holistic development.

Have you ever felt the intensity of your desire to create a divine being? If yes, connect to AGS, and we help you connect to your little one.




  • Start at stage of planning pregnancy
  • Sadhana by both parents
  • Alternative therapies to problems


Much emphasis is laid on meditation. A mother’s pure aura, the vibration, a good vision & her strong inner strength creates positive vibes in the child too.


Diet forms the basis of the entire journey of the child’s life. The material and spiritual energy of a healthy and nutritious diet can be best harnessed if taken in a happy frame of mind. Diet taken during pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy days strongly affects the development of the child.


A desirable change in lifestyle helps the parent to be in good health, peace and to be in harmony with the baby in the womb.

Program Material

The Holistic approach to pregnancy benefits you and your child before birth. As part of the program, you will receive:

  • – A meditation plan
  • – Diet plan
  • – Approach to stay healthy spirtually, mentally and physically


The Road to Parenthood

About AGS


Vision: A complete pregnancy guideline to create a divine being.

AGS helps to attain the inner energy co-ordination between mother/father and unborn child. It is the best way to improve the intelligent, emotional, social and spiritual quotient of the unborn child. AGS is an amazing way of educating and bonding with the unborn child in pregnancy.